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IPhone X sales: the best start in the history of Apple's smartphone? And other stats!

Sep 18th 2019, 4:45 am
Posted by antoniohar
November 6, 2017.
The iPhone 8, arrived last September, did not experience a launch at the height of previous years. In cause of course, a certain continuity compared to the previous generation, but also and above all the announced arrival of the iPhone X and its new design!
This is clearly visible through the first figures shared by the company "Slice Intelligence" which measures online sales. For them, the iPhone 10 years would have made the best start in the history of the iPhone, beating the previous record held by the iPhone 6, with 25% more sales for the iPhone X.
We had anticipated it through our recent survey, many users have skipped the iPhone 8 to buy the iPhone X.
According to Slice Intelligence, half of iPhone X buyers come from an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, a machine that is only a year old!
Other information shared, for the moment, the iPhone X is primarily a machine that appeals to people already owners of an iPhone, attracting few Android users: 96% of buyers of iPhone X were already using an Apple terminal before their purchase.
Slice Intelligence has extracted these data from hundreds of millions of electronic receipts from a base of 5 million online shoppers using their services, such as Slice or Unroll.me.
But it is Apple's next quarterly results, covering the holiday season, that will reveal the precise level of sales of the iPhone X.

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