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Jul 4th 2018, 2:24 pm
Posted by kathybecne
The French press (also known as a cafetiere) is beloved by many coffee drinkers, present company included. Vacuum-layered, double-walled stainless steel sides make this French press practically bulletproof While it won't actually replace a good Kevlar helmet, the military-grade metal does mean it can handle a lot more abuse than its glass competitors. The lengthy handle makes pouring a breeze while the double filter results in fantastic coffee every time.

However, if you like to stretch out your coffee experience and want your coffee to stay hot, stainless steel is a great option. Its ergonomic handle is also heat-resistant, making handling it easy and pouring your cup of coffee a safe task. The only real problem we encountered was that the plastic outer-shell cannot be separated from the glass carafe.

After a lot of testing and comparison, my choice is SterlingPro 1 Liter French Coffee Press because it has all that takes to make hot and fresh coffee that is ground free. Available in four different sizes, this glass and stainless steel model doesn't use any plastic (except for a Polypropylene handle) which mitigates the risk of anything tampering with the coffee's flavor.

GSI Outdoors makes a 50 ounce lightweight French Press made of BPA-free plastic. After you let it brew, you insert and press down the inner-sleeve microfilter. In fact, assuming that you're buying good, quality beans, making good French press coffee has very little to do with what type of coffee you choose (for example one from South America or one from Africa).

There are two different ways when it comes to filtering coffee in a French press. It brews both tea and coffee, with the same taste-expertize. It offers one of the best ways to deliver grit-free French Press style coffee in minutes. Nothing to scoff at, but it was obvious that the company's focus is on their more expensive, more popular glass French presses.

The most common designs, however, include glass, metal and a little bit of plastic. No one should squeeze their budget too much when it comes to French press coffee makers since they're all relatively inexpensive. If you love stainless steel, but you don't want to pay $100 for a high-end French webestools.com Press like the Frieling , the SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press is a great deal at less than $40.

Automatic coffee makers get the job done, but since coffee is filtered through paper liners, the machines can become sticky with buildup over time, and the finished product is not as high of quality as the best French press coffee maker can offer.Making a cup of coffee with a French press is actually quite simple.

Note: It's essential that you use medium grind coffee , but you can use a filter coffee too. Brewing coffee using other machines or coffee makers is very much different, especially if you have the automatic machine. With a reasonable price tag and funky appearance, it's easy to see why the Kona French press has a loyal following - it makes a good cup of coffee and is easy to use.

Keep the pot at a slight angle, and never tip it fully upside down — this would add grounds back into your coffee and ultimately back into your cup. Stainless steel is non-reactive, offers excellent heat retention and does not confer a metallic taste to the coffee.

We can also add to this that it has a 3-part stainless steel plunger with a mesh filter that helps extract the coffee's aromatic oils and flavors instead of them being absorbed by a paper filter, a feature you will find quite useful in the long run. The carafe can be of glass, stainless steel or plastic.

You will need a spatula or a spoon every time you clean this French press, and this might annoy a few users. In fact, there is no electricity required to use a French press coffee maker. When you use any of the above top French Press coffee makers, you'll never have that problem of not fully saturating the grounds.

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