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Mar 21st 2018, 10:07 am
Posted by bettepagan
The firelight seemed to dance in time to the rapid beat of the drums and flutes that filled the air. If you have any inquiries about where by and how to use charmane summer, you can speak to us at our own page. Shadows are deep and threatening. Firelight is the best light for drama. Sweat glimmers and gleams, curves are softened and smoothed and eyes are shadowed and soft. A high, lilting, pulsing beat that danced between curls of incense smoke and through the silken hangings that hid the booths that circled the sandy ring.

In those shadowed recesses sensuous forms lounged at their ease. He pushed aside silken hangings, his nostrils filling with the scent of incense as up ahead he saw his destination. A circle of sand lit by hanging lanterns and surrounded by shadowed, curtained booths. He was tall and taut, a prowling grace in his stride, like a big cat.

His shoulders and chest were deep and tightly muscled, standing out like whipcords as he moved. Here a suggestion of long, slender leg and there the deep curve of a generous bosom. Never a detail, never more than a hint of their true beauty made it through the silken screens, The treasures of the seraglio were not for the eyes of those who had not earned the vision of their beauty.

The young man had been teased by the promise of it for hours now and as he walked along the hall the sounds of laughter and low voices intertwining with the music from ahead drew him onwards. His face was young and bright-eyed, something like fear on it as he pushed aside the last hanging. He saw stirrings in the shadowed booths, heads rising to regard him as he stepped out and into the arena.

He turned slowly in place, taking in the silks and the figures beyond them, slender, full, tall and short, every shape and shade among their lounging number. A clap brought him swivelling around to a wide expanse of red silk that hung diaphanously live pornstar chat chats (http://vicentetulaba1352.myblog.de/vicentetulaba1352/art/11003332/free-porn-live-video-chat-Pump-Up-Your-Sales-With-These-Remarkable-Watch-Pornstars-Free-Tactics) across the widest booth. His breathing quickened, anticipation and excitement sending his heart skipping until he jumped as the music, so pervasive that he had almost stopped hearing it, suddenly ended.

" It was a woman’s voice, flowing, like warm chocolate, with a breathy promise in its tone that made the young man’s breath hitch for a moment. He said nothing in reply, watching, suddenly unsure of himself in front of the hidden, watching eyes. After a beat she spoke again, "You are very beautiful Ahaad. Gems and jewels glittered on delicate fingers and lay against soft skin of every hue.

It accentuates everything. " She turned her head this way and that behind the silk, taking in the lines of his body. " The woman behind the red silk repeated the name, feeling the way it slid between cherry red lips. There was a purr of amusement in the voice when it spoke again, "Shy?

Ahaad’s eyes grew wide and his tongue flickered out to lick suddenly dry lips, hands moving to the sash at his waist but merely gripping the loose ends. "We would like to see more. Mmmm, well, we I suppose it is only fair we begin, as we are your hosts.

Ahaad said nothing again, his heart refusing to slow from its frantic tattoo. " This again brought a quiet ripple of laughter from the hidden booths but also sharp intakes of expectant breath, shapes leaning forward in the flickering shadows. Lounging upon it lay the woman who had spoken. She was laying on her front and in the flickering light he could see the full, round shape of each breast as it curved into the delicious shadows of her cleavage and the silken sheets beneath her.

She was a little shorter than him but it was hard to tell for she was arrayed amongst silken cushions strewn with flower petals that were all that covered her skin. It was serene and playful, soft features with large, bright-hazel eyes that seemed to shine in the light. She waited a long moment, letting him drink in the site of bare skin before he found her face.

Her lips were painted bright red and gold sparkled in the dark hair that fell in tumbling ringlets across her shoulder.

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