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Cornhole Bag Useful information

Sep 7th 2018, 10:17 pm
Posted by lutherstev
Cornhole, often known as bean bag toss, corn toss or soft horseshoes, is an ever increasingly popular game being played through the nation. While best known by college aged kids at tailgates, Cornhole may be played by anyone of the age. So why play Cornhole? Keep on reading.

1. It is easy! Cornhole is an easy game to learn with only a few rules. It's well-known at tailgates since it can be used as a drinking game by whoever wishes to play that way and it's fun to have everyone included. In case you are a Cornhole veteran and your girlfriend has never played, it is extremely easy to teach your significant other how you can pick up a cornhole bag and toss it 27 feet into a hole. For children, there is little clean up and it's fairly hard to break a set (a well made set I should say) so the investment is sound.

2. Portability: Among the best parts of Cornhole is how portable it really is. Frequently, a Cornhole set (boards and bags) weighs at most about 30 lbs. and when purchased, usually comes with a carrying case or handles for the boards as well as a bag to carry the cornhole bags. For anyone who is driving it can just be thrown in to the back-seat of your car or perhaps the trunk. In case you are taking public transit you may either slide it under your seat of the bus or keep it at your feet on the rail or subway.

3. Competition: It will not matter who you are, everybody has a competitive streak in them. Whether you are playing an organized sport and also you are vying for a championship or maybe if you are at a tailgate playing Cornhole, there is some competition involved. Cornhole has a level of competition that may be appreciated by anyone and it allows individuals who take it very competitively to have something to look ahead to at a tailgate. Imagine how competitive you are whenever you play flag football. Now take that competitive nature and apply it towards an issue that does not require you to run around and acquire covered in mud.

4. Cost: Cornhole, within the grand scheme of things, if relatively low-cost. A fundamental one color set can range between $100-125 determined by the quality of it. If you want to step it up and buy a far more customized set with your favorite team's colors and logos then you are looking upwards of $200 to buy it brand new. The top part about spending that kind of money is the fact that there is little it is important to do to make your board as good looking as is possible and it is a one time investment for many boards. Bags will be the one thing that you'll be looking at updating about every three years determined by their quality and just how often you play and Cornhole bags are about $25 for a set of eight.

5. It's FUN! With the combination of the above mentioned, Cornhole is fun! You get to hang out with your best friends or people you barely know and have some friendly competition while grilling out and getting ready for the main event of the evening whether it is a sporting event or concert. You don't even have to have a main event, Cornhole can be played outside while you are just having a get together within your backyard. Enjoy every second of it and after that play again next weekend! It will not matter what you are playing for, in which you are playing it or for that matter it does not even matter why you are playing Cornhole. Just enjoy playing a fun game for all ages!

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