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Portable GPS Mysteries - What's A GPS Jammer?

May 13th 2018, 11:14 am
Posted by marcelaher

Signal jammer will have some difficulties in interfering with other electronic devices which are in good working condition. These jammers are also used and regulated by the government and are usually intended to jam cellular phone communication lines only. Similarly, They only damaged the receiving end of a cellphone call because it directly interferes with the cell phone and the base station itself. It has a relatively small electromagnetic wave and as such, it has no known damage to the human body as well as to the cellular phone itself. However, if the jammers are bigger, like outdoor signal stations there can be health repercussions for such.

Have you ever been in a situation or in a location where you feel your mobile signals do not work anymore or even the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals on your mobile or laptop has gone dead? Beware; you may be in an area where there are cell phone jammers placed to block your calls.

Now, the vehicle manufacturers are making such vehicles which have an in-built GPS system. This helps to retain the owner with a peace of mind that their car is secure and safe, and they can keep a check through the track record in a time of less than few minutes. The GPS system is useful in providing the information regarding the vehicle's whereabouts to the owner who is sitting elsewhere.

Once you get to locate the GPS device which is installed in your vehicle, you can simply diffuse it by pulling out the fuse from the vehicle, but the device is mostly installed at an unknown place in the vehicle and is not easy to locate. Sometime the device is hidden and cannot be shutoff.

In spite of this fact that usage of jammers is banned, these useful devices are still widely available over various web portals and can be shopped online. On top of this, there are various online deals that are extremely inviting since the prices offered on these portals are quite affordable. A mobile phone jammer usually looks like a mobile phone itself and needs to be first charged before usage. Also some jammers come with frequency filters which are used particularly to block certain frequencies only without interfering with other frequencies.

Despite the fact that GPS has umpteen applications in civil, military and commercial use, many people seem to resent the fact that it can also take away their right to privacy. Nowadays companies are using GPS devices to monitor their vehicle fleets which are sent out for delivery of goods to the customers and other field activities. These GPS devices keep a tab on the whereabouts of the vehicle and the driver too. If you have been in such a position of constant surveillance, you would understand perfectly how uncomfortable it feels. Portable GPS jammers can come to your rescue in such situations. So a GPS signal jammer is actually a boon to people who are being pestered by the constant surveillance of their jealous lovers, nosey spouses or snooping bosses.

Have you had the heart sinking feeling of opening up the mail and finding a traffic ticket, with a $100, $250, $375 fine or higher? Yet you were never pulled over by a policeman - so how did you get this violation? Are your insurance rates going to go up?

Since GPS has always been mainly used by the military to locate the position and movement of enemy aircraft and to detect any unauthorized entry of aircraft etc in to home territory, use of GPS jammers has been restricted for the public. Well, the civilian GPS signal jammers do have different radiofrequencies than the military used ones, but there are still many countries who are not exactly comfortable with the idea of widespread use of GPS jammers by the civilians.

You may need to purchase the GPS defense device to disable the tracking. The name of device is GPS Tracker Defense. Even though, it is extremely hard to find the device in United States, but it is easily available in United Kingdom. By year 2009, it was priced approx $200 and was available from spywarehouse.co.

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