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This year's iPhone could support the Apple Pencil.

Sep 19th 2019, 3:11 am
Posted by modestocur
By Remi Lou on August 01, 2019 at 11:00.
According to a last rumor of Citi Research relayed by Business Ins>
At this point of the year, rumors about the upcoming iPhone are generally very reliable. We should therefore be entitled to three new smartphones headed, each succeeding the three models of last year, namely the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. The design should remain unchanged, always with the same screen and this good old notch, but it is the photo block that should move with the addition of a new sensor on each model, which will probably be an ultra wide angle. Otherwise, we should find a new A13 chip, more powerful, the reverse charging way Galaxy S10, the disappearance of 3D Touch, and probably some new software. But a new rumor of last minute comes to tell us that the vintage 2019 iPhone could also afford the support ... Apple Pencil!
According to Citi Research, the iPhone that will disembark in September should support the Apple Pencil, the firm stylus of the firm Apple. This addition may well be the secret weapon of this 2019 vintage that looks pretty bland, although it should take this new rumor with tweezers, since no reliable source has mentioned this addition in recent months. In spite of everything, the rumor is not so crazy, in the sense that Apple has already extended the support of his Pencil in the past. The pen was originally reserved for what do i need to know about buying a home (appaeconomicdevelopment.com) iPad Pro only, before offering compatibility with all tablets Apple.
If the rumor was confirmed, remains whether Apple will make its iPhone compatible with the Apple Pencil first or second generation, see even if the firm is considering a smaller pen specifically for iPhone. Since the design of the future iPhone should remain unchanged, the support of the second generation seems unlikely, especially because the stylus of the latest iPad Pro magnetically clings to the flat edge of the device, while the next iPhone should have right to curved slices like their predecessors. In addition, since Apple should keep the Lightning plug on the next iPhone, the support of the first generation of Apple Pencil, which reloads in this way, seems more likely.
Anyway, it will be necessary to wait until September and the traditional Keynote of return of Apple to have the confirmation. If this rumor comes to be verified during the presentation of the new iPhone in September, we know one that may turn in his grave ...

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