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Ten years of iPhone in ten anecdotes.

Sep 19th 2019, 8:18 am
Posted by ardismorri
All the innovations that made the success of the iPhone.
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The iPhone was launched just ten years ago. But before redefining what a smartphone, the awesome product of Apple has experienced many adventures that have generated thousands of anecdotes. Here are ten.
That was ten years ago: Apple launched, in the United States, one of the most important high-tech products in history. For in ten years, the iPhone has changed our lives: it initiated the revolution of modern smartphone and mobile applications. With his large touch screen and without keyboard, its adaptive interface and dedicated OS, he bluffed from his presentation. But the road to the launch of June 29, 2007 was not necessarily easy! Back in ten little stories on the smartphone that changed everything.
The iPhone was not the first Apple phone.
Before revolutionizing smartphones, Apple had already attempted an incursion into the small world of telephony, in 2005. He had partnered with Motorola to offer the world the Rokr E1. The history and the users of the device have wanted to forget since, but this "dumbphone" ergonomic and rather catastrophic board shipped an iTunes function provided by Apple, which gave access to the iTunes Music Store. Only problem: Cream crockery Set it was possible to embark 100 songs in the 512 MB of Flash memory it contained. A total failure, however, which had a positive consequence: how to buy a house steps convince Apple that he had to look at his own phone.
Say goodbye to your families ...
This is an anecdote of (almost) first hand that has never been confirmed by Apple officials we have met since. Still, a few weeks before the launch of the iPhone, dissatisfied with the device, Steve Jobs would have told everyone working on the project to return home. Not to enjoy a well deserved rest, but to take a few things in a suitcase, kiss their family and come back and work nonstop until everything works as it should. We do not know if Apple employees could go home on Sunday. We do not make the revolution without some effort.
A slap for Google and Android.
Like us, the developers of Google's operating system have followed the keynote of January 9th. Andy Rubin, dad of Android and necessarily at the head of the project, was on his way to a meeting in Las Vegas, where the 2007 edition of the CES was held. He had to meet a phone manufacturer, ready to integrate his baby. Blown away by the presentation he was seeing, he asked his driver to stop on the side of the road to finish watching the event. " The cow ! He would have said to one of his colleagues in the car, "I do not think we're going to take out the phone" (on which they were working NDLR).
The phone in question, codename Sooner, was however better than the iPhone in some aspects. It was, among other things, multitasking, worked without the need to be regularly connected to a PC or Mac and also included a download kiosk, Android Market. Problem: it was ugly, but especially very close to other smartphones of the time, with a physical keyboard, a small non-touch screen and an interface that was immediately ringardized by the demos of Steve Jobs.
"We knew Apple was going to announce a phone," said Ethan Beard in 2013, who was part of the original Android team, "but we did not think it would be so good." The project was then postponed for a year, to September 2008, to become the Dream, with a totally tactile screen.
Glass rather than plastic.
Originally, the iPhone had to have a plastic screen, like those of iPods. But once the first prototypes in hand, Steve Jobs wanted to go to the glass, more noble and elegant. The difficulty was to find a solid and scratch-resistant glass ... Such a material did indeed exist: christened Gorilla Glass, it had been invented in the 60's by Corning. but had never found a market. Corning did not produce any and had no factory capable of manufacturing within the six-month period set by Jobs. Somewhat pushed by the boss of Apple, Wendell Weeks, CEO of Corning, took up the challenge.

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