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From the first iPhone to the iPhone X: return on 10 years of (r) mobile evolutions by Apple.

Sep 19th 2019, 9:43 am
Posted by ardismorri
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Launch of three new iPhone.
This Tuesday, September 12, Apple celebrated with great pomp the 10 years of its flagship product. For the occasion the Apple brand has released the iPhone X (pronounced "Ten"), a model with a Super Retina Display screen of 5.8 inches and facial recognition. From the very first camera presented by Steve Jobs in January 2007 to the one held by Tim Cook on Tuesday, the last ten years have been a turning point in the history of global high-tech. Back to the evolution of the product considered the most influential in history.
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2007: iPhone - The era sale of real estate the all-in-one opens.
On January 10, 2007, Steve Jobs unveils to the world a device without a physical keyboard, with a fully touch screen multi-touch. No big show keynote at the time, the event takes place at the MacWorld expo in San Francisco. The device displays a 3.5-inch diagonal and a design never before seen for a mobile phone that is reminiscent of PDA PDAs that still fury at the time. The iPhone connects to the Edge or at best in 2G. His camera only displays 2 MP of resolution. "An iPod, a phone and internet access, you see the idea - it's not too much different - it's one device," says Steve Jobs. Internet now fits in your pocket, your camera too ...
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2008: iPhone 3G - The AppStore disrupts telephony and computing.
The buzz was huge for the first iPhone sold more than 6 million units (in France, Orange has the exclusivity). His successor then allows to connect to nascent 3G. Internet becomes easier and faster, and the iPhone 3G, now rounded at the back, also embeds its first GPS chip. The AppStore is emerging and is forever disrupting telephony, but also the way of designing services, software, etc. Now, the device is customized to the desires and needs of its user who can draw from 500 mobile applications available at the opening. A figure that will quickly climb to reach more than two million apps and expect five in 2020.
2009: iPhone 3GS - The video makes its appearance.
It will be understood later but the addition of the S to the name really begins for Apple this year. It marks the arrival in one year out of two important evolutions but no radical change. However, this "S" does not want to say "Superior" but speed (Speed ​​in English). The iPhone 3GS, physically identical to the previous one, is faster and has more capacity (from 16 to 32 GB of memory). But above all, it is finally possible to film directly with the iPhone while previously, it was necessary third-party apps.
2010: iPhone 4 - This is a (first) revolution.
For the first time, Apple is changing the design. No more roundness, the iPhone 4 is more refined, more chiseled, metal and back glass. The screen retains its size, but it is now retina and much better resolution (960 × 640 px against 480 × 320 px). The changes are also inside. HD video arrives, the photo sensor goes up to 5 MP with finally an LED flash. The iPhone has a front camera for selfies and video (0.3 Mpx). This model will not remain in the annals because of a glaring problem of reception of the cut signal due to the new positioning of the antennas. Apple then offers the return of the product, but only 1.7% of buyers returns it.
October 31, the iPhone 4 will become obsolete in the eyes of Apple.
2011: iPhone 4s - Hello Siri, goodbye Steve.
For the first time, the iPhone has its dedicated event in October. Until then, the device was presented as part of the developer conference (WWDC) in June. The device offers a revolution of magnitude: the voice assistant. There was already voice control. This time, the iPhone starts talking, just in time for its creator to see it. Steve Jobs dies the next day. Sick, he left his place to a chosen successor (but who will not take office until much later) uncomfortable on stage, online house sales Tim Cook. The iPhone 4s takes a new step to the firm as the competition begins to point an aggressive nose.

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