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The commercial success of the iPhone, origins and consequences.

Yesterday, 2:55 pm
Posted by rebekahbar
The Apple iPhone is probably the best-known phone in the world. Perfect business and media strategies that led to a frenzy around the product. One may legitimately wonder if it is the product itself and its intrinsic qualities that made it the unmissable phone or if this enthusiasm is simply born of a well-conducted strategy.
Back on the product and its history.
It is in 2002, in California that begins the history of the iPhone. The development of the phone took 5 years of work. Indeed, the operating system of MAC OS X has been redeveloped to be adapted to the phone. Steve Jobs called this phone "iPod in a mobile phone".
Apple's expenses for the development of this mobile are estimated at 150 million dollars.
The benefits of the first version of the iPhone resided in its high-tech side, its simplicity and its intuitiveness. The operating system was perfectly optimized. In addition, its touch screen and fluidity have undoubtedly contributed to its success.
However the first version of the iPhone was clearly limited: lack of 3G, GPS chip, unable to send MMS, single operator per country.
Weaknesses that filled Apple with the following versions.
It remains a question: How the iPhone, a limited portable yet innovative has it been so successful right out?
Marketing and communication campaigns perfectly carried out.
At the launch of the iPhone, Apple has given itself the means to dream.
To do this, Apple had a surefire way: creating a memorable event involving the press. Take the example of France, the iPhone was launched November 28, 2007 in the Orange shop Champs Elysees.
A buzz created by Apple that has clearly worked: as soon as it was released, all the media mentioned it and the hype helped to anchor it in the minds of future consumers.
The press has indeed played an important role in the success of the iPhone. Most of the media (newspapers, webzines, television channels, radios) ... fell under the charm of the phone, telling their enthusiasm to their readers, viewers, listeners ...
To cultivate this enthusiasm, the Steve Jobs brand has been able to give regular meetings to the specialized press, especially during its Keynotes. Keeping the suspense alive and keeping the press and consumers alike has been one of the highlights of Apple's marketing campaign.
In the United States, on the weekend of its release, 500,000 iPhone have been sold. In France, there are 30,000 phones sold 5 days after its release.
A prestigious brand.
Apple is at the origin of inventions having revolutionized the uses. In particular, Apple invented the mouse. Although the iPhone is not revolutionary in terms of technology, apple enthusiasts and the curious have been tempted by the product.
Apple is an internationally recognized brand, the quality and originality of its products make it a success. Dear to buy, they have a good life.
Note also that the majority of buyers of the iPhone are owners of iPod. Owners already convinced and considering very little the technical characteristics of the product.
In addition, the brands hastened to develop applications accessible on the mobile. A poll on Apple's mobile that has contributed greatly to its success since the brands themselves are appropriate. Note the major press groups (the world, the Parisians), e-commerce house hunting sites (Amazon, Nike) ... and the example of BMW who launched a free game around the mini.
Chat on Iphone
A user-friendly gadget.
The success of the iPhone rests largely on the ease of use it offers. Applications become available to everyone, many of them are available for free at the click of a mouse. This phone was the first to delight both developers and neophytes interested in new technologies and its side "High Tech with ease."
In addition, the apple brand phone also appealed to people who were not particularly attracted to mobiles. Its simplicity and intuitiveness make it user-friendly.

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