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Batman, a bat man lost in the pink night.

Yesterday, 9:11 pm
Posted by phillipmac
Every Thursday of the summer, "Le Temps" returns to a turnip that has marked the history of the 7th art.
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Antoine Duplan Published Wednesday 1 August 2018 at 19:56, changed Wednesday 1 August 2018 to 19:56.
Between Tim Burton's spooky Batman and Christopher Nolan's sooty Dark Knight opens a void that would be called a black hole if it were not filled with neon-like stuff like molten yoghurt pots, glistening stuffs candy-pink and apple-green, and even a masked ball in which meringue gorillas are waving ... These are the two films made by Joel Schumacher. Staggering demonstrations of kitsch art and screenwriting debility, the second chapter, Batman & Robin (1997), is the completion.
Commissioner Gordon calls on the videophone of the batmobile: "Hello, Batman? We have a new bandit, Mr. Freeze. He's at the museum. "And here's Batman and Robin sliding on the spine of a frosted diplodocus, then playing a hockey game with the villain's thugs and a big diamond like Youkounkoun as a puck. Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger, bald and plaster of cerulean plaster) is a mad scientist who a bath of liquid nitrogen has transformed into superman. It has a purpose in life: to freeze Gotham (then the Earth) thanks to its refrigerating radius.
Meanwhile, at the bottom of an Aztec pyramid, Dr. Pamela Isley (Uma Thurman) tries to cross orchids and cobras so that the plants can defend themselves against human exactions. She falls in apples, hemlock and snakes. She returns to her as Poison Ivy, a beautiful poisonous plant that captivates men with its magenta pheromone emanations and wants to remove all pests in hair and feather to make the planet chlorophyll. She joins forces with Mr. Freeze. Batman is going to have a job ...
Clooney in a cushy chatelain.
Played by George Clooney, who at the time is not yet the globalized "what else?" Barista but just Dr. Ross of ER, the bat man is not a nocturnal and paranoid vigilante. It is a cushy chatelain who greets this crazy dog ​​crazy Robin and seems to wonder what he does in this bataclan. The two villains put out of harm's way, Batfamille, Batman, Robin and Batgirl, a blond boudin come from London, rushes to new adventures. "You have to enlarge the batcave," said the butler Alfred maliciously. What a charming word of the end!

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