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A year later, what is left of the iPhone X?

Today, 7:12 am
Posted by francesco9
A few weeks before its replacement, back on the iPhone X. Designated by Apple as "the future of the smartphone", the iPhone X is it still a year after its presentation? Have his innovations become democratized or remain exclusive to him?
A design that has nothing original.
We agree, the iPhone X was neither the first to have very small borders around the screen, wave curly hair nor the first to use a notch to maximize this screen. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Essential can be credited for these respective changes.
iPhone X and OnePlus 6.
However, the design of the iPhone X has had an undeniable influence on the smartphones that followed. Would the OnePlus 6 have kissed the notch if the iPhone X had not had? "Maybe not so fast," admitted the co-founder of the Chinese manufacturer.
Huawei, who wants more and more to appear as a pioneer, bites his fingers for not having the courage to use a notch before the others. For his part, LG felt compelled to say he had planned a notch before Apple.
Inspired by the iPhone X or not, the notch is anyway everywhere, except at Samsung, which cultivates its difference. What could have been a hallmark of the iPhone X was not finally. It is the same for his back and his wallpaper, shamelessly copied by some competitors, such as Xiaomi and Motorola.
Even in terms of materials the iPhone X has marked an impulse, replacing the back of the metal with glass. Again, Apple is not the first to have made this choice - Samsung has been using glass for several generations for wireless charging, although we could still quote before the iPhone 4 - but we had not seen so much of glass smartphones that since the release of the iPhone X. Some of them "forget" by the way why the glass was preferred by Cupertino, namely that it makes possible wireless charging.
The quality of manufacture is no longer the prerogative of Apple. Not only are most other high-end smartphones as neat, but in addition Chinese brands manage to do as well on much cheaper models.
The folded OLED screen inside what's the best phone to get right now iPhone X.
There is still something that differentiates iPhone X from the lot one year after its presentation: its lack of "chin". Android smartphones always have a relatively thick border under the screen. The iPhone X, it does not have thanks to the internal folding of its OLED screen. A process that is not (yet) used by other manufacturers for cost reasons.
Face ID imitated, but not equaled.
Face ID has been the other main novelty of the iPhone X compared to previous generations. A bold novelty since it completely replaced a Touch ID that had proved its worth.
Android has a facial recognition technology since version 4.0 release in 2011, but it was not until Face ID to see a renewed interest around this type of biometric authentication. OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi have released software updates to bring this feature to some of their smartphones after they go on sale.
But for now, no facial recognition technology is as reliable as Face ID (which is not 100%). OnePlus Face Unlock does not work in the dark, for example. Add to that a lower security, and you understand why Android smartphones still have a fingerprint sensor.
The iPhone X can always claim to have a facial recognition working like no other - argument that competitors can fight by arguing that a fingerprint sensor is practical in some cases.
The TrueDepth camera that occupies the notch is not only used in Face ID, it is also the one that gives life to Animoji. Cute characters animated by the user's face that were quickly duplicated by Huawei / Honor and Xiaomi. Samsung stood out a bit with the AR Emoji, avatars with a human appearance. An idea included in iOS 12 as Memoji.
A navigation by gestures that is school.
The change in design and the abandonment of Touch ID has resulted in a new navigation specific to the iPhone X. Swipe up to return to the home screen, slide up and hold your finger for multitasking, etc.
A gesture that has just appeared in Android Pie.

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