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Who rents apartments

Jun 10th 2019, 10:54 am
Posted by noelrignal
People who do not own their own houses or condominia are the most likely to rent apartments. Landlords rent apartments to them.

What is the range of rents for apartments in Calabasas California?
The range of rents for apartments in Calabasas, California can be really high compared to what you can find on some other states. The range can run anywhere from 1319-1642 US Dollars. Read More

share: How much is it to rent a house in japan?
Different apartments have different rents but mostly rent is $300 Read More

share: Are there any felon friendly apartments in Boise?
Clearview Property Management rents to felons without drug or sex related crimes. Read More

share: What companies sell Oakland condos?
Zillow sells Oakland Condos. You can also check with local house retailers or anyone who rents apartments or houses. They often have the good contacts. Read More

share: Can a landlord charge more rent for existing tenants and less for new tenants?
Yes. A landlord can charge different rents for different apartments, since no two apartments are exactly the same. Also, if the old tenants think they are paying too much, they can leave at the end of the lease term. Read More

share: What is land lords?
A landlord is a person who owns one or more houses and/or apartments and rents them out to other people. If you are renting a house or an apartment rather than buying it, the person you pay your rent to is the landlord. Read More

share: What are the duties of property managers?
They market vacant apartments to prospective tenants and establish rental rates in accordance with local conditions. They negotiate and prepare leases, collect rents, hire maintenance personnel Read More

share: What is an extended stay hotel?
A hotel with rooms configured more like full apartments than just a bedroom and bathroom, and that usually rents for periods of a week or longer instead of only a couple nights. Read More

share: What is the answer for that scrambled word game by David L Hoyt on 2-6-14?
He had trouble finding tenants for his Death Valley apartments, even with their... answer: LOW RENTS (awful, enact, oblige, sprain) Read More

share: What is the difference between apartments and hotel apartments?
Apartments are apartments and Hotel apartments are apartments. Read More

share: Where are Hungington station apartments located?
They seem to be located in many cities. They can be found in New York and in Atlanta, just to name a few. I would therfore say that they are a corporation that rents out appartments accross the United States and possibly beyond. Read More

share: How much is the average rent for an apartment in Los Angeles?
There is some variation in average rents depending on size of apartment (number of bedrooms) and location. However, one bedroom apartments are currently averaging between $1639 and $2509 per month. Read More

share: What websites offer listings for apartment rentals?
There are many sites that offer listings for apartment rentals. There is Zillow and Rentals, one could also go to their local real estate agents site, they would have listings of apartments for rents as well. Read More

share: Where can one find an apartment for a cheap embassy edge price?
There are always plenty of listings for apartments in local newspapers and these tend to have cheaper rents than through letting agents. Asking friends and family is also cheaper, but make sure you sign a proper contract. Read More

share: What is the duration of Daffy Rents?
The duration of Daffy Rents is 360.0 seconds. Read More

share: A person who owns buildings and rents them?
A person who owns buildings and rents them Read More

share: When was Daffy Rents created?
Daffy Rents was created on 1966-03-26. Read More

share: When was Sam Rents born?
Sam Rents was born on 1987-06-22. Read More

share: Are serviced apartments handicap accessible?

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