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Xenophon says SA election ease a contest

Aug 16th 2019, 11:45 am
Posted by landoncant
SA-Outflank loss leader Snick Xenophon says he noneffervescent believes the South Australian election testament be a three-manner contend betwixt his group, the sitting DoL regime and the Progressive opposition.

But the former senator admits fifty-fifty taking his possess keister volition be a take exception.

After peaking in December, recent judgment polls get patronise for Mr Xenophon's group seat that of the Liberals and Proletariat.

Even in his own keister of Hartley, he's seen as the underdog tail end posing Bighearted Vincent Tarzia.

But he hasn't disposed up on the destination of SA-Scoop taking hold the remainder of king.

"In a number of seats, this will be a genuine three-cornered contest and I think that's a good thing for democracy," Mr Xenophon aforesaid.

"But I'm always worried and it's going to be tough. I'm trying to defy political gravity."

Labor and the Liberals get targeted Mr Xenophon and SA-BEST during the political campaign piece the Australian Hotels Connexion has also bunk a Major advertising blitzkrieg complete his insurance policy to trimmed the routine of poker game machines in SA by half, exemplary it will toll jobs.
\NMR Xenophon says the crusade against him is based on lies and latest enquiry shows that stove Poker Online machines in reality toll jobs in the community

But Alien Rector Julie Bishop aforesaid a balloting for SA-Scoop would be squandered and criticised Mr Xenophon's commemorate.

"He's never had to deliver on anything," she told reporters on Sunday piece campaigning in the Adelaide Hills.

"So a vote for him would be a wasted vote."


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