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The Way Barcode Printers Improve The Efficiency And Profitability Of Businesses

Yesterday, 1:55 pm
Posted by regina7482
Label printer are a Great device to have at your disposal only once you own one do sit back and say how could I haven't had one earlier. Their popularity and usefulness are unquestionable. When looking for one you will run across the two most popular kinds of thermal printing devices. Which one of those two do you select and much more important what is their difference.

Thermal Transfer Printing

This type of printer includes a Print head and a thermal transfer ribbon. The head of this printer is heated and this heat is directly transferred into the thermal ribbon that is coated. This coating is made of wax or resin and in some configurations there is a combination of both used. The heat applied melts this coating and this transfers the image to the paper.

Direct Thermal Printing

This type of process is a Little distinct from thermal transfer printing procedure. This time heat is directly applied to some specially coated label. Once this coated label is heated the ink is then applied directly to the paper. Generally you've got two colors to select from black or a different color. These are two different type of thermal printers you can choose from. This is not enough today we need to dig a bit deeper.

Positives and Negatives Of Every Type Of Thermal Printer

Direct thermal printing is More cost effective because it does not require the usage of toner, ink or ribbon. The downside is that the paper is sensitive to UV light exposure, Moisture, heat, scratching and smudging. The advantages of this thermal transfer Printer is that it produces an extremely durable image providing a full range of colors. This type of printing is also not sensitive to UV light, moisture, and moisture Or cold, scratching, smudging or chemicals. The drawback is it's more Expensive. The One Which works best for you Will be highly dependent on What your printing and your print volume. More at thermal label printers.

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